Friday, August 24, 2012

More Bling(denstone)!

It occurred to me last night after I went to bed that with this DnD Next, I can basically use monsters from any edition with very little conversion.  This has always been kinda-sorta true, but it felt a lot less doable with 3e and 4e than it does with Next.

I'm going to have to give the Blingdenstone and Underdark encounter tables a much more thorough going-over and use some interesting 2e stuff.  I'll also probably modify the Random Events table, too.  I picked up the incredibly massive Monstrous Collection (2.1) from internet sources that shall remain nameless (and shut down by massive DNS attack), and it looks like I can use a lot of it right as written.  Which is handy, as the monsters in the playtest, as I mentioned earlier, are weaksauce.

So, continuing with what I started in Blingdenstone Enhanced:

Right now the party is exploring the Town Center (Chapter 3), so I'm going to do two different treatments for that.  First one is to use the existing map and encounters, but rework them slightly to make it a bit more interesting/challenging.  Second one is to totally rebuild it with a functional map that makes a modicum of sense, but with similar encounters.

Updated Chapter 3

Totally Different Chapter 3

I borrowed the map for the different version of Chapter 3 from the amazing Dyson Logos, over at Dyson's Dodecahedrons.  It's a fort, which makes more sense to me as a Town Center/Castle.  I basically used all the same encounters, but moved them around a bit.

Either way, Chapter 3 is now a bit more challenging and interesting.

Oh, and if you want to run Blingdenstone using a digital tool, here are a couple of handy maps:

Map of Blingdenstone

Town Center Map

Now my to-do list just looks like this:

Stat out the major NPC's.
Rework the Wormwrithings (Chapter 2) encounters to reduce repetition.
Add more adventure hooks to Mantol-Derith (Chapter 6)
Rework the pregens, add a couple of new ones.
Enemy activity page for the drow chick.
Modify Journal notes to make them more interesting.
Enemy activity page if you want to use the Cult of Urlden as the overarching antagonists.


  1. Yeah, you won't be seeing much in the way of drow.

  2. Anyway you can send me the link to get my hands on that monster collection?