Friday, December 21, 2012

7 RPG's (and 20-Something Years)

Red Box D&D:  Aleeta... Nooooo...  Hey, this is a lot of fun.  Oh, I have to DM?  Seems like a lot of work, but whatever.

1E:  There are so many rules I have no idea what I am doing.  I like the random treasure tables.  Monty Haul ensues.

TMNT: Character creation is awesome.  Making up adventures/stats for enemies is BRUTAL.  I will play this game but I won't DM it.

2e:  Soooo much content.  Activate collector mode.  Hey - I can do ANYTHING with this ruleset and all the splatbooks.  I'm going to make an Iron-Age Celtic-themed low-magic game in my homebrew world/rules and run that for YEARS.  2e, I still love you.

Palladium:  Kinda like D&D but with parrying and armor damage and psionics that actually work and I CAN USE TMNT CHARACTERS!  I love to play this game, but I still won't run it.  I won't RUN anything by Siembeda, but I'll play them all day.

Vampire the Masquerade:  Ouch, I have to unlearn my D&Disms.  This is a really fun and flexible game.  We still do quite a bit of combat.  Man, lots of the other people that play this game are pretentious, condescending douches.

4e:  As a DM, I love this stuff.  Easy to build, easy to run - scratches my tactics itch.  But I can't really homebrew.  It moves soooo slooowwlyyyy...  Roleplaying feels somehow harder.  Not EXACTLY doing it for me.


  1. I know you'd have to change the title, but what about 3rd and 3.5?

  2. I didn't play 3 or 3.5, except for on games like Icewind Dale and Baldur's Gate 2. I have pretty much the same reaction to 3 as I do to TMNT. My actual reaction was something like...

    "oooh, new D&D rules." "So many rules, I can do ANYTHING." "Wait, it takes me FOREVER to DO anything..." "Why does it seem like I need a degree in character creation to do anything?"

    Plus, 3e came out while I was travelling and working abroad, so I didn't have a group or a reliable computer. 3e was just not my game.