Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Earthshatter & Ring of Feline Grace


Earthshatter is a 2-handed Maul, forged from steel and meteoric iron, in the angular, geometric dwarven style.  The weapon strikes for 2d6+2 damage, is unbreakable, and once/day it’s wielder can unleash a blow that, if it lands on stone, throws shockwaves that do 2d6 damage to everyone within 10 feet of the wielder.   Engraved on one side of the hammer in dwarven runes are the words “Earthshatter am I.  Grungni made me to open the way.”  On the other is a network of finely carved, twisting lines with a small inlaid anvil set among them.

(Harley Stroh) If wielded by an ogre-kin, Earthshatter launches itself at the wielder, automatically inflicting a critical hit each round it is grasped. Earthshatter cannot distinguish between ogres and those simply wearing gauntlets of ogre power. 

(Zak S) Use of Earthshatter enrages the Lithic Gods. No elemental spell which calls on the earth will ever agree to aid the wielder of Earthshatter, even indirectly, and the wielder's save or armor class against any such attack will be at minus d6. Earth elementals, if called into the presence of Earthshatter for any reason, will not leave until the bearer of Earthshatter is destroyed. Stone giants can feel the shockwaves of Earthshatter and will scheme against the wielder.

Ring of Feline Grace

This simple ring appears to be carved from solid orangey stone, banded with black like a tortoiseshell cat.  If the wearer of the ring is struck by a critical hit, the black spots spread slightly and the critical is turned into a normal strike.  The ring will function d8+1 times before becoming useless.

 (Gus L) Upon exhaustion of the charges, the black spots will spread to the wearer, permanently disfiguring him with a leopard like pattern.  While this only reduces CHR by 1 point, it also causes animosity in all canine creatures (automatic -3 to reaction rolls).

(Zak S) Each time the ring functions, the wearer is seized by a wave of urbane apathy. S/he will immediately leave the party once combat ends and try to climb onto a nearby surface at least one foot above the head of the tallest party member and rest, licking his or her wounds until offered food.

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