Thursday, September 12, 2013

13th Age Icons for D&D Next: Dwarves - the Emperor

The second +13th Age icon in the series:

The Emperor

 Ralshaz VII, Dragon Emperor of Ruywick.  Last of the House of Ruy.

Usual Location: Ruywick, in Palace of Jade and Vermillion.

Common Knowledge: Ralshaz recently ascended the throne of the Dragon Emperor and many already consider him to be a throwback to the mighty emperors of old.  Ralshaz is a powerful warrior who often leads his legions in person.  He was raised by The Archmage, far from the intrigues of the Imperial Court, and reportedly has little patience for politics or statecraft.

Adventurers:  Ralshaz prefers to use the Imperial Army and the Greycloaks (Scout Battalion) for his business, but occasionally, a less obvious touch is called for.  For sensitive tasks requiring deniability, adventurers are recruited.  He is particularly interested in the Wild Lands to the west, and is actively recruiting adventurers for operations there.

Allies: The Archmage is his mentor and confidant, the Priestess, and through ancient treaty, the Great Old Wyrm.

Enemies: The Dwarf King, The Diabolist, The Lich King, The Three, The Pirate Queen, The Orc Lord (traditionally).

History: Ralshaz' grandfather, Timmurias IV, died in the field against the Orc Lord and the Horde when the eastern Empire was lost.  The Archmage used the Desolation to destroy the horde, and Ralshaz' father, Ehzaz, killed himself in horror after seeing the creation of the Desolation and the ruination it created.  His death marked the end of the 12th Age.

Ralshaz was very young at this time, and was taken from the Imperial Court and raised by the Archmage.  The is young, idealistic and intends to return the Empire to its days of glory. His plan is to conquer and colonize the Wild Lands to the west, beyond Llandy Vale.

One True Danger:  The Emperor is young and reckless, and turning the dwindling resources of the Empire to conquest might be disastrous, especially if another Orc Lord arises.

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