Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D30 Day 4 - My Favorite Setting

I DMed two long-running campaigns set in the Forgotten Realms, and the Realms certainly holds a nostalgic allure for me.  Nathan and I bought the Grey Box Forgotten Realms book back when it came out, and Grunt Norak and Hadian Joyce, the dwarf berserker and half-elf bard traveled the length and breadth of the Forgotten Realms.

In university, the Mithril Gauntlet adventuring company, chartered out of Silverymoon, fought drow, orcs, giants and duergar.  They even defeated the Demoness called the Floating Dancer and battled the invasion forces from Hellgate Keep to a standstill.  The Savage North was their stomping grounds, from Luskan to Anauroch and south to Baldur's Gate.

So I am very fond of the Realms.  But after I ran the Realms campaign I fell in with another gaming group.  Nic, Greg, Tobe, James, Marc and I (with occasional cameos by a number of others) played Vampire, Warhammer and quite a bit of 2e D&D using my homebrew Celtic-inspired world.

At the time we just called it "Celtic", but in my mind it's always been called Aemere.  Aemere is post-apocalyptic iron-age and low-magic, with a setting inspired by the Chronicles of Prydain, the Mabinogion, Irish and Norse mythology and generous dashes of other stuff.

The original and best cover.
The party, led by the Bard/Ranger (he rolled REALLY GOOD STATS) Gaelan dan Brennan, fought against an evil king, led refugees, battled the Coraniaid (the Huntsmen), the Fire Mages, werewolves and demons.  I eventually screwed up so badly as a DM that the campaign fell apart, but Aemere will always be my best homebrew, and my favorite setting.

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