Friday, September 13, 2013

13th Age Icons for D&D Next - The Great Gold Wyrm

I wanted to do something a little different with the Great Gold Wyrm.  I like the idea of the Wyrm somehow being responsible for holding back the insinuations of the Abyss/Netherworld, but the whole "physically blocking the gap, plus using powers in other places" idea didn't quite strike a chord with me.

Instead, I thought it would be interesting to do something a bit more in the mythological vein of Ra or Tonatiuh - a daily struggle tied to the solar cycle.  So here it is:

The Great Gold Wyrm

Alishaz, Light of the World

Usual Location: Tirasea from dawn until dusk, the Abyss from dusk until dawn.

Common KnowledgeThe Wyrm sacrifices itself anew each day to prevent the release of the demons and to ensure that the sun will rise.  Each evening he flies into the Pit with the setting of the sun, to battle the demons of the underworld until the sun rises again and he rises, renewed.

Alishaz is bound by the ancient Treaty with the Dragon Emperor, and his children, the Jade and Vermillion Drakes, go to serve in the court of the Dragon Emperor of Ruy.

Adventurers:  The Wyrm (or priests of the Wyrm) will sometimes use adventurers to deal with underworld plots and schemes that threaten the diurnal balance.  

Allies: The Archmage, the Emperor, The Priestess.  The Dwarf King, Elf Queen and High Druid all respect the importance of Alishaz’s duties.

Enemies: The Diabolist seeks to break the ancient balance and unleash the full might of the underworld.  But not really, since she wants to rule, not destroy the world.  The Three hate and fear the Wyrm, but rarely agree enough to challenge him.

History: The Great Gold Wyrm was created by an Archmage in the 2nd Age, together with the Priest of that Age.  They bound the power of the Sun God, Mithras, and created the Great Gold Wyrm to end the incursion of the Netherworld opened by the Diablolist of that age.  Since that time, the Wyrm has fought to maintain the diurnal balance.

One True Danger:  Light and Darkness are 2 sides of the same coin.  If the Black is ever able to fully unlock the power of the Netherworld (with the help of the Diabolist?), then it could join the diurnal battle and swing it to the side of the Netherworld.

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