Wednesday, September 4, 2013

D30 Day 3 - My Favorite Class

Day 4 and I'm behind.. story of my life, I suppose.

What goes with dwarves like chocolate goes with peanut butter?  Thassright!  My favorite class.  Fighters!

Heavy Armor, Shields, ALL THE WEAPONS!  I love fighters.  Despite the fact that the fighter has always been the red-headed stepchild of D&D, especially in the 3e era (part of why I dislike 3e), I've always loved the plain old vanilla warrior.

So many cool historical characters were fighters.  Robert the Bruce, El Cid, Hector, Gustavus Adolphus, Richard the Lionhearted.  Lots of cool fighters all over the place.  When you've studied as much history as I have, the fighter really comes to the foreground, since really, it was pretty much the only class available for most of the time.

There haven't been as many great fighters in my campaigns, but Nate's Elf from high school, Galadan and Ivan from Celtic Campaign in university, and certainly Hilbo Huggins from the current Dwarves campaign all make the cut.

So let's hear it for the fighter.  The man in the trenches - taking the hits and throwing himself in front of arrows while the wizard and the cleric get all the big, showy stuff.  My favorite class.

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