Tuesday, September 3, 2013

D30 Day 2 - My Favorite Race

I like dwarves, as should be fairly obvious from the nature of my current D&D Next Playtest Campaign.  I've always been fond of dwarves, as far back as I can remember.  Heck, one of my first characters was a dwarf.  Of course, the other one was an elf, but he got eaten by a giant rat and anyways that was years ago and the girl is dead now...

Maybe it's because I live in the mountains, surrounded by old silver mines.
Maybe it's because I am fond of facial hair.
Maybe it's because we owned a Jack Russell Terrier (whom I wanted to name Thorin).
Maybe it's because of Gimli, son of Gloin, or the charge of Thorin Oakenshield against the Bodyguard of Bolg.
Maybe it's because I always secretly wanted to be a blacksmith.

It's all of these things.  I like the fierce, proud, doomed lords of the mountains, with their secret crafts and hidden wonders.

Although I don't get to actually play characters much - I'm the DM, mostly - there has almost always been a dwarf PC in the party.  In high school it was Grunt Norak, the dwarven berserker, and Splint Sharpeyed, the dwarf sharpshooter.

In university it was Dobynor, the dwarven Champion of Moradin.  Our friend Dwayne has a magical RPG ability.  He can look at a pile of books, pull out one at random, open it to a random page and make a character based on that rule.  And that rule in invariably the most overpowered, munchkin-y rule in the ENTIRE SYSTEM.  The Dwarven Champion was just one example.  This 2e Kit allowed you to make a cleric with weapon specialization.  So basically a fighter who could also cast cleric spells, without having to bother with multi-classing.  So broken, but he played so recklessly that it was OK, because he did so many cool things that it was worth it.

Ahhh, dwarves.  You will always be my favorite race in D&D.

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